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A Beginner's Investing Guide

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In today's world, very little is sure for us financially. We could be let go from our jobs at any moment, and if we're currently without a job, there's no guarantee that we'll get one anytime soon. Living in that constant state of insecurity can't be healthy for us, and it surely isn't healthy for our financial lives. However, you might be thinking, ""How can I alleviate my financial worry?"" The truth is that we have to look into alternate -not illegal - forms of gaining income. One such form of generating a steady revenue stream is investing. You've probably thought about investing before. "Have you thought about investing but didn't know where to start? Do you need expert advice on how to invest so that you can secure a healthy financial future for you and your family? Are you looking for a guide that can teach you how to take action today in the investing world to start making money?" It's hard to find reliable information out there; that's why I, Scott Thomas, have put together A Beginner's Investing Guide: Learn The Strategies To Smart Investing And Start Making Real Money, to help you secure a future for yourself. I've decades of experience in the investing world, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in successful returns. I've penned this book so that the average person can achieve monumental success, just like I have. My book will provide you with clear, concise information that's easy to apply. By the time you're done, you'll have a fundamental knowledge of investing, and be equipped with all the information you need to make forward bounds in this field. It will be like going on a walk with a knowledgeable friend who really wants to help you succeed. I want to help you to improve your financial life, you deserve it! "What specific benefits can you hope to gain from my book?" It will: Lead you gently into the investing world Help you learn the basics all the great investors know Address the risk involved and how to go about it Help you determine your own investor personality and style Aid you on setting your investing objectives Choose an investment account Leave you knowing the exact options that are available to you no matter where you live Offer you a tailored plan on how you can actually get started and make money Know what to do next Investing in this book is the perfect example of the ideal investment you can make: no risk, high return. There you have it, your first lesson. I'm looking forward to imparting more to you through the pages of this book. What are you waiting for? You deserve to have a financially secure future. FREE GIFT The Exact Action Steps You Need To Take - Infographic."

Stock Trading & Investing Made Easy For Beginners

RRP $154.95

Most people I meet tend to either think the Stock Market is complex and difficult or that it is easy to make money on the Stock Market. I fell into the category of thinking the Stock Market was easy but I soon found out that there are rules to trading and if applied correctly, could lead to profitable trading and investing.

I have since taught people how to trade and invest wisely and dispel the many myths surrounding the Stock Market.

This book on Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners has been published to give the reader an essential foundation as they venture into the exciting world of Trading & Investing.

Real World Investing

RRP $16.45

If you are looking for a book that explains all the intricacies of investing this is not the book for you. However, if your need is for better understanding of the investment process then you have found the right tool. "Real World Investing" provides practical information and important insight into how the investment world works. Whether you go on to manage a pension fund, your family's money, your own 401(k) account at work, or just want to know what's happening inside a mutual fund you happen to own, this book will help you make sense of it.

"Real World Investing" will teach you...

  • How to create an investment strategy based on your personal financial goals
  • What you need to know about risk
  • Ways to build a healthy portfolio
  • How to prepare for the most common investment reason - retirement

Perhaps most importantly, you will come to realize that money itself is not a goal. It is not the prize you should seek. To some it is a gift, and to all it is a tool. "Real World Investing" will help you be the best steward of the money that you have.

Gary Silverman is the founder and lead adviser at Personal Money Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm. Gary's clients are what he calls normal folks. As a Certified Financial Planner(R), he manages their investments and guides them through the financial ups and downs of life. When asked how he got started in this field (his background being nuclear power and submarines), he'll tell you about a professional who helped him lose half of his money in a bull market. He figured he could do at least as good and maybe learn something in the process. Gary makes his home in Wichita Falls, Texas with wife, Joanne, and their bouncy dog, Melvin.


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Shares Warrants Options SMSF Investment
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Shares Warrants Options SMSF Investment
Sharemarket Trading Day Trading Investing
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